Building Solutions that Meet Your Goals

There are times when partnering with a therapist can help better meet life’s challenges. KMHS is pleased to announce an option for treatment that does just that! Solution Focused Brief Therapy focuses on building solutions, rather than defining and treating problems. It is future focused and goal-directed, with the therapist and you as client working together to create a vision for the future, setting goals, identifying using your strengths and skills, and taking the steps needed to move into your desired future.  Solution Focused Brief Therapy assumes you have the inner resources, strength, and ability to create that vision and accomplish your goals, supported in your effort by a skilled therapist.

Solution Focused Brief Therapy is usually no longer than 6 months in length, takes place in weekly to bi-weekly sessions, and is available at the KMHS main campus in Bremerton (telehealth options available).  An assessment of your needs with a clinician will determine if a referral for Solution Focused Brief Therapy will meet your personal treatment goals.

With the right treatment, people facing mental health challenges can recover.