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Partnership Seeks To Create Homeless Housing Complex In Bremerton

Courtesy of Kitsap Daily News - Kitsap Mental Health Services, the Bremerton Housing Authority and the City of Bremerton have teamed up to construct an apartment complex in Bremerton which aims to tackle Kitsap’s rising homeless population. Pendleton Place, as the project is called, takes its namesake from national housing advocate Lloyd Pendleton, who inspired local housing providers and community members to create housing aimed at providing residences for [...]

April 17th, 2019|Housing and Homelessness|

Officials Move Ahead With Project That Will Bring Supportive Housing To Homeless

Courtesy of Kitsap Sun - A first-of-its-kind project that combines affordable housing, mental-health care and ongoing support services for Kitsap’s most vulnerable residents will be built off Kitsap Way just west of Highway 3, city leaders unveiled this week. The proposed 74-unit apartment building, dubbed Pendleton Place, is a collaboration between the city of Bremerton, Kitsap Mental Health and the Bremerton Housing Authority. Its goal: to create permanent housing [...]

April 6th, 2019|Housing and Homelessness|

Kitsap Mental Health Teams Offer Intensive Services For Families

Courtesy of Kitsap Sun - A former Doctors Clinic urgent care center off Highway 303 has been transformed into a hub where families of young people struggling with mental health challenges can find help. Kitsap Mental Health Services, which bought the East Bremerton property a year ago for $1.7 million, relocated its Wraparound with Intensive Services (or WISe) teams to the Bentley Drive building in February. Part of a voluntary, statewide [...]

March 13th, 2019|Families|

Kitsap’s Crisis Triage Center Serves 88 In First Two Months

Courtesy of Kitsap Sun - Kitsap's Crisis Triage Center has admitted 88 people experiencing behavioral health crises since opening in mid-August, according to Kitsap Mental Health Services, which operates the county-owned facility. The Fuson Road center serves adults who don't meet the criteria for involuntary commitment but still need a safe place to de-escalate and get help. Kitsap Mental Health staff say the center has helped people grappling with [...]

October 29th, 2018|Crisis Services|

People Experiencing Behavioral Crisis Can Use Triage Center As Calming Space

Courtesy of Kitsap Sun - Kitsap County's long-awaited Crisis Triage Center opened Thursday morning, after a two week delay. A grand opening celebration was held July 24 and the center was scheduled to begin admitting patients Aug. 1, but construction delays prevented the facility from receiving final approval from fire inspectors, according to Kitsap Mental Health Services, which will oversee the program. Kitsap Mental Health CEO Joe Roszak said [...]

August 18th, 2018|Crisis Services|

Kitsap County Crisis Triage Center Set To Open August 1

Courtesy of Kitsap News Group - The new Kitsap County Crisis Triage Center will soon be open and will provide an alternative to incarceration and hospitalization. The center is set to open on Aug. 1, but the public was able to get a sneak-peek during a ribbon-cutting ceremony on July 24 led by Joe Roszak, the CEO of Kitsap Mental Health Services, which will operate the facility. It is [...]

July 27th, 2018|Crisis Services|

The Tragedy of Suicide, Part Three. Chronic Pain Sufferers Also Contemplate Suicide As a Last Resort

Courtesy of Kitsap News Group - When Marty Mioni’s horrific back pain from a litany of ruptured discs and surgeries has subsided enough, the 63-year-old woman is able to care for her husband — nearly bedridden with Stage 5 renal disease — in their Port Orchard home. But Mioni herself is nearly confined to a bed with wracking, chronic pain tempered over the years by a regulated dose of [...]

July 26th, 2018|Suicide|

Crisis Triage Center Set To Open

Courtesy of Kitsap News Group - Beginning 4:30 p.m. July 24, the public will be allowed to see the completed Kitsap County Crisis Triage Center, which is set to open its doors Aug. 1. The triage center is operated by Kitsap Mental Health Services and will offer five days of round-the-clock intensive support for up to 16 adults referred to the center for short-term crisis services. The facility provides [...]

July 22nd, 2018|Crisis Services|

Long Awaited Triage Center Creates a Calming Space for People in Crisis

Courtesy of Kitsap Sun - Sleep. Food. A hot shower. The immediate needs of someone facing a behavioral health crisis are often as simple as they are urgent. "We have to take care of these things before we can take care of anything else," said Sarah Folger with Kitsap Mental Health Services, who will supervise Kitsap County's new Crisis Triage Center in East Bremerton. Read Full Article> [...]

July 20th, 2018|Crisis Services|

The Tragedy of Suicide Part One. Regardless of Fame, Fortune or Locale, Suicide Rates Are Rising

Courtesy of Kitsap News Group - It’s a common refrain after news breaks about another celebrity suicide: “How could this person, with so much to live for, have nothing to live for? That’s the mystifying question puzzling so many when, in about a week’s time, two globally known, strong-willed and well-liked individuals — chef and television storyteller/traveling raconteur Anthony Bourdain and women’s handbag maven and businesswoman Kate Spade — [...]

June 21st, 2018|Suicide|


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