Jobs That Make a Difference

Our staff of more than 600 committed professionals offers hope, healing and exceptional healthcare to those struggling with behavioral health challenges and substance use disorders. Not every employee works directly with clients, but everyone has a chance to make an impact. Your work changes lives.

You’ll serve a diverse client population in a variety of settings. This position allows you to use your master’s in counseling, psychology or social work to help some of the most vulnerable members of our community. Your work is trauma-informed and recovery-oriented.

You’ll assess client needs, provide treatment and manage medications in our adult and youth inpatient units. These positions are critical to our mission and provide an excellent opportunity for new grads, and RNs who want to gain experience in psychiatric nursing.

Use your bachelor’s degree in psychology, social services or behavioral health to help ensure clients get the services they need, including counseling, crisis intervention, case management and referrals to specialized programs. Your work truly makes a difference.

These entry-level opportunities are perfect for caring individuals who want to give back to their community and explore a career in behavioral health. You’ll assist clients in meeting daily needs by providing meals, facilitating group activities and ensuring their safety. Becoming a behavioral health tech is an excellent way to earn a living wage and start building a career.

If you have excellent people skills and strong administrative abilities, consider joining our team as a receptionist or member of our call center staff. Typically, you’ll be the first point of contact with clients, who will rely on your professionalism and humanity to access our services and the path to recovery. You’ll find true purpose and fulfillment in this invaluable role.

This vital group supports our clinicians by providing expertise in areas such as facilities, finance, human resources, information technology and marketing. Each role is crucial to our mission and allows you to use your talents to help community members in need.

"I love coming to work and seeing my clients, being able to offer parenting suggestions or giving the resources they need to succeed. I feel that I'm making a difference, one parent at a time."