Partners in Whole Person Care

We know behavioral health and physical wellness walk hand in hand. That’s why we partner with Peninsula Community Health Services (PCHS) primary care providers to offer their health care services right here at our KMHS Almira campus for our clients. PCHS even offers dental services at our Almira location!  PCHS Primary Care and dental services are available weekdays, 8 am to 5 pm. To schedule appointments for PCHS services, call 360-377-3776.

As a KMHS client, you may also ask your care team staff to assist you with more information regarding any of these KMHS campus-based health services. If you do not already have a primary care provider or need help in coordinating your care, your KMHS Care Team staff can also assist you.

Genoa, an independently owned pharmacy, is conveniently located on the KMHS Almira campus as part of our commitment to whole-person care. KMHS client prescriptions from both physical health medical providers and from KMHS behavioral health providers can be filled. For questions, contact Genoa at 360-479-2887.

With the right treatment, people facing mental health challenges can recover.