How does KMHS’ Supported Employment Program Work?

Supported Employment is designed to help those who want to work not only become employed but to find both a career and enjoyment in their work. At Kitsap Mental Health Services our goal is to help our clients find meaningful employment and education opportunities while developing skills to reach their goals.

Participants receive one-on-one support, working with our Employment Specialists to build their own path to employment.

Once you contact us to learn more about how our Supported Employment program can benefit your workplace, our Employment Specialist will meet with you to identify a job opportunity that meets your business need.  As soon as we know the position you are seeking, we go to work to bring the right candidates for the position to the employer for the hiring process.

Employer Support Specialists collaborate with the employee’s supervisor – with the employee’s permission – to improve performance and value for the company, helping assure both employer and employee find the workplace environment satisfying and rewarding.

The Supported Employment Program at Kitsap Mental Health Services is modeled after the “Individual Placement and Support,” or IPS model, an evidence based model proven successful for countless clients and employers around the country.  Visit the IPS Employment Center website here to learn more.

You can download KMHS’ Supported Employment Program Flyer here and contact us at 360-373-5031 to learn more about the Program.

If you are in KMHS services and interested in finding work, please talk with your Care Team staff, who will refer you to our Supported Employment Program.  From there, an Employment Specialist will contact you to discuss the program, orient you to the Supported Employment Program goals and expectations and support you in completing an application. Following your application approval, short and long-term work and education goals are discussed.  The Employment Specialist will assist you in resume development, and job choices are narrowed to those that are a good match for your current skills and goals. The Specialist then provides coaching during the job search and hiring process.  Once hired as an employee, you will continue regular contact with the Specialist, whose role is to assure that you have the tools to navigate the employment landscape and perform as a motivated employee.

People with mental health problems can get better and many recover completely.