Designated Crisis Responders

Kitsap Mental Health Services’ Crisis Response Team (CRT) consists of Designated Crisis Responders (DCRs) who are available 24/7, 365 days a year.  DCRs help people suffering from a mental health and/or substance abuse disorder who may be a danger to themselves or others.  This includes aiding an individual to access services at the level of support needed to get immediate help.

The Crisis Response Team’s DCRs provide emergency assessments and referrals to inpatient care, which may include, if necessary, involuntary detention in our evaluation and treatment center or other psychiatric facility or substance use treatment facility.  DCRs seek to assist people in crisis with the least restrictive services needed to support them in their recovery.

Services include crisis intervention, including referrals to available services, psychiatric and substance abuse screenings, and when necessary, follow-up monitoring of acute clients when they return to the community.

Referrals to DCRs can be made by any concerned citizen, by individuals in crisis, professional providers, and by law enforcement officers in need of assistance. Contact the 24/7 Crisis Response Team now at 360-373-3425.

With the right treatment, people facing mental health challenges can recover.