Keller House Residential Treatment Center

KMHS offers caring, effective mental health services in a 24/7 residential setting for adults 18 and over. Participation is voluntary, and people may stay in the 16-bed residential treatment setting for up to 30 days, although some beds are provided for longer term care. To access this service, individuals must be enrolled with KMHS outpatient services, and be referred for the residential treatment center’s services.

Staffed by KMHS clinical team members knowledgeable in the treatment of many psychiatric disorders, the Residential Treatment Center provides a combination of supportive services designed to help people return to their families and their communities equipped with the skills needed to successfully manage life’s challenges.

Personalized treatment plans offer a wide continuum of services and seek to assist individuals to continue their daily activities with the safest, least-restrictive level of intervention possible.

One in five Americans will experience some type of mental illness during their lifetime.