Agape unlimited is a non profit outpatient substance use disorder treatment center. They offer a variety of programs and service to assist in the recovery process and building living skills. They offer Adult, Youth, Therapeutic Courts, Mental Health Services (A.I.M.S) treatment.

4841 Auto Center Way Suite 101
Bremerton, Washington 98312
Monday - Thursday
9am- 5pm
9am - 1pm

SUD: Adult

Adult outpatient treatment is a confidential, safe, supportive environment that offers Intensive Outpatient Counseling, Case Management, Relapse Prevention, Parenting Women, and Education. Each patient's program is individualized for recovery.

SUD: Youth

Youth programs is designed to be a safe and supportive environment for ages 13-18. Treatment is tailored to each person's needs. Program includes Individual and group counseling, case management, intensive outpatient serves, daily living skills, and family counseling.

Legal: Treatment Court

Family Drug Court program is a three phase treatment that may provide incentives for parents involved in dependency cases. The program individuals in the program may see a decrease in court appearances, increased visitation, and the return of children to the home. Adult Drug Court is a supervised program through Kitsap Superior Court for adults who are charged with certain crimes and facing criminal prosecution. This is a team approach that includes supervision and education. Random drug and alcohol testing and regular court appearances are required for program. Juvenile Drug Court provides comprehensive and effective services for youth, families and school.

Parenting: The Parent-Child Assistance Program (PCAP)

PCAP is a free three year journey that assists women in gaining health and independent family lives. This is a home visitation case management partnership to aid women in support and transportation. Programs are personalized for achieving goals for success in recovery.
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Housing: Clean and Sober Living Program

Agape has two housing program. Kiononia Transitional Housing and Sisyphus II. Kiononia is a transitional housing program that serves pregnant parenting women who are at risk due to a substance use disorder. Sisyphus II Housing program provides independent, permanent living environments for individuals and families that are homeless, disabled, and have a substance use disorder. Sisyphus II project base is group living with two homes. Sponsor base is community leased to Agape Unlimited.