Charlie Health provides virtual mental health services for youth and young adults. The Intensive Outpatient Program is a personalized combination of support groups, individual and family therapy. This program is designed for individuals who need treatment and support through traditional outpatient services but don't require residential or inpatient treatment.

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Other: Individual Therapy

Individual therapy provides the opportunity to discuss current conflicts, past traumas and other mental health issues with a clinician. This provides individual attention and personalized solutions that support the youth/ young adults in their recovery. The group sessions serve as a way to meet clients where they are.

Other: IOP Groups

IOP Group will provide an opportunity to be connected with other youth/ young adults. This serves as a reminder that you are not alone in the journey to recovery. The Intensive Outpatient treatment program offers 50 different IOP groups. The sessions meet multiple times per week.

Other: Family Therapy

Family Therapy is a type of counseling that provides help to families deal with conflict mediation, communication, anger management, and other relational skills. This therapy focuses on the family system and the root cause of mental healh challenges by caring for the family unit as a whole.