Get the help you need and get your life back on track.

Struggling with mental illness and an addiction? You are not alone, and qualified, compassionate help is right here. Yes, things can seem hopeless when you or someone you love is living with addiction. The good news is that recovery is possible—we see such successes all the time.

Our outpatient substance use treatment program is designed for persons with mental health concerns and provides holistic treatment that addresses the social and emotional needs of our patients. Services include substance use program assessments, individual therapy, group therapy and intensive outpatient services.

For people seeking 24/7 residential inpatient care, our 28-day Pacific Hope and Recovery Center may be an ideal fit. This innovative and evidence based inpatient residential substance use disorder program is designed to help people turn their lives around and is especially designed for adults who have both substance abuse and mental health concerns. Individuals participating in our voluntary inpatient treatment program are offered services such as medication assisted treatment options, group therapy and psychiatric and medical consultations. To participate in Pacific Hope and Recovery Center intensive inpatient treatment services, you must first have completed a chemical dependency assessment. If you or your treatment provider have already completed this assessment and you are interested in our program, please contact us at 360-373-5031.

Many people with mental illness also struggle with substance use. We treat both.