Kitsap County Crisis Triage Center

The voluntary Kitsap County Crisis Triage Center provides short term stabilization and crisis services (up to 5 days) to adults experiencing a psychosocial crisis such as a mental health issue, eviction, domestic violence, substance use, homelessness, and more.

Seeking to provide a voluntary alternative to hospitalization or arrest, the Crisis Triage Center offers a safe, supportive setting where adults dealing with mental illness or substance use disorders can stabilize.

Multi-disciplinary teams of Peer Counselors, Treatment Aides, Mental Health Professionals, Recovery Case Managers, Nurses, and Medication Providers work together to address each individual’s needs.

Crisis Triage services are accessible by provider referral only. Referrals may be provided by local emergency rooms, local law enforcement and jail services, Kitsap Recovery Center Detox, and Designated Crisis Responders. Multi-disciplinary staff support the client in developing a collaborative plan to navigate the crisis. This often includes setting up services such as mental health, physical health, substance use, and other supportive resources. Each plan is unique to the individual’s crisis.

"I never felt so safe and cared for. It’s the most respectful and professional care anyone could possibly imagine ever receiving. THANK YOU."