Housing Resources Bainbridge is a non profit organization that serves as an affordable housing provider. They provide affordable housing opportunities to the community of Bainbridge Island in the programs they offer such as rental housing, homeownership, and independent living.

730 Erickson Ave NE Suite 100
Bainbridge Island , Washington 98110
Monday - Thursday
9am - 3:30pm
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Housing: Rental Housing

Housing Resources Bainbridge provides 90 rental unites to income qualified individuals and households. Rentals are considered affordable housing because it's set below market value. Inquire about waitlist placement.
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Housing: Homeownership Opportunities

HRB has acquired 31 townhomes in an upcoming in an upcoming townhome community. Eligible clients may apply

Housing: Independent Living

Independent Living serves to provide older adults and people with disabilities maintain their independence at home. Staff will work with client to identify modifications and repairs and assist with project oversight until completion. Inquire for income qualifications.
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